Our Team

Latiffe Ghanem

Managing partner

A passionate, bilingual wordsmith, originally from Colombia, Latiffe has an innate talent for writing, planning and communications, which led her to pursue a career in public relations and marketing. After more than 15 years of experience counseling clients and developing marketing strategies across Latin America, the US Hispanic and general market in the entertainment, consumer goods, tourism, technology and health industries, and winning two SABRE awards for US Hispanic campaigns, it was time for an encore.

A new type of agency focused on delivering results based on insights, where strategic planning goes into every communications program and where each client receives tailored counsel because there is no such thing as one size fits all. Helping companies and building brands – no matter how big or small – reach their goals is what inspires and drives this natural communicator who finds her true calling in cultivating relationships, ideating creative stories and planning effective campaigns in partnership with clients.

Reynaldo Delgado

Vice President

Reynaldo J. Delgado is a seasoned public relations executive passionate about making connections and understanding how relationships work – from concepts and objects to people, he is drawn toward their meaning and purpose. With a keen eye for detail, he is a master at helping clients develop impactful and meaningful communications campaigns which are measurable and aligned with business goals and objectives. With more than 13 years experience working for an array of clients – from startups to global brands –  Reynaldo has led the development and execution of award winning, strategic communications marketing programs for clients throughout Latin America and the US, including the Hispanic market, and has built a relationship-driven network of contacts across media, influencers, peers and KOLs. 

Reynaldo is at his best when the hand and mind find understanding through the heart. He brings this philosophy to encore where he has the opportunity to re-engage and reignite his passions.


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